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Find out just how czu direct can help your business.

If you are interested in finding out more about czudirect, now's the time to enquire. Contact us at to get started with your trial account, and your valuable input will be rewarded with a 2 months free subscription and over 250 free send credits (25 SMS Credits and 250 Email Credits) send credits.


Czu direct has been designed around our clients needs and developed to be simple enough for the novice yet flexible enough to cater for advanced requirements.

With 3 general package levels, the system offers something for every type of user:


Designed to cater for most general requirements:
  • multiple mailing lists,
  • customizable subscriber forms,
  • MS Word-like html email editor,
  • external template source support (automatically pull in content from your existing website or newsletter system)


Designed for the management of multiple mailing lists within 1 system, the Pro Package includes all the Lite features plus:
  • individual subscriber forms per mailing list,
  • targeted mailing list send filters,
  • email personalization,
  • advanced reporting.
  • campaign level templates


Designed for the larger corporation, the advanced package includes all the above features plus:
  • Customizable subsystems
  • Multiple user levels,
  • Approval workflow

Developed by czu studio, the czu direct system is also seamlessly integrated with many other added czu services, such as web-based newsletter systems, corporate and personal websites, event calendars, and content/knowledge management systems.