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Find out just how czu direct can help your business.

If you are interested in finding out more about czudirect, now's the time to enquire. Contact us at to get started with your trial account, and your valuable input will be rewarded with a 2 months free subscription and over 250 free send credits (25 SMS Credits and 250 Email Credits) send credits.

What is czu direct?

Czu direct is a web-based communication tool that allows you to easily create and send professional, campaign driven, emails & SMS messages to targeted mailing lists. You can easily import your recipient lists, customize your message with text and images and schedule your send time using our simple 3 step wizards. Czu direct was created by czu studio as a solution to our clients needs for an easy to use bulk email tool, with the ability to automatically populate their email content from their existing website's news section, and at an affordable cost without needing to qualify for the usual large bulk rates, or being locked into an expensive monthly contract. Czu direct is scheduled for launch at the end of July 2008. We are continuously adding new features during this phase, and will continue to do so post launch. Czu studio's client focused development strategy means that we value our client's feedback, and already have several clients utilizing the pre-launch system for their e-communication needs.

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